Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for us is not just a duty, but also a natural part of our activities. Also with regard to social and ecological aspects (environment). We work with numerous International Organizations supporting various social causes.

We take our responsibility seriously and in addition to supporting various organizations, we also actively engage ourselves in social projects:

Two schools in India were founded and run by the Stone Experts company group. In these schools, more than 200 teachers teach more than 2,000 children from disadvantaged families having lower income. Over 20% of pupils study free of charge. Since these schools are not run for profi t, they are dependent on support - from our group of companies in India but also from our European branch.

Of course, we also regularly support projects and events in Europe with the aim of promoting youth or, in general, with a charitable or benevolent background.

Through our own initiatives and cooperation with various organizations, we not only ensure that our stones are produced without child labor, but also that there are friendly conditions for the workers. Would you also like to help to do something for the “less privileged children“? Any support helps in maintaining a healthy relationship between economic interests and social responsibility.

We would be happy to have you on board!

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