Corporate Social Responsibility

aolFor many years, Stone Experts has been supporting the charitable, UN-acknowledged organization “Art of Living“, which is now active in over 140 countries for human rights and environmental protection. Stone Experts has adopted a school in Banskopa in Western India, sponsoring uniform, food and books / stationary to over 200 children. see


IAHV (International Association for Human Values), a non-profit organization that works with human and social projects worldwide for human rights and environmental protection, works closely with “Art of Living“. It is engaged in disaster management, educates children in more than 200 schools, and manages over 25,000 villages in rural areas of India.see


The “Euro-a-Day Project“ was launched to support school children in India. The program provides for the education of children and youth in economically deprived regions. Since the founding of the Stone Experts branch in Germany in 2003, we are actively supporting this project. In the meantime, Euro-a-Day has been able to transfer more than € 40,000 annually to schools in India, where the donations are used to promote school education and the well-being of thousands of children. see

terre-des-homesStone Experts has also been involved for years with the prestigious “terre des hommes“ child care center, which fights for a “earth of humanity“. The organization supports children’s rights and supports local projects and initiatives on the spot where help is needed, especially in the mining area of Rajasthan. see  

igepThrough the certification of our production facilities in India by the independent organization IGEP, we also ensure that all production processes demonstrably happen without the participation of child labor. In addition, IGEP has set up schools in India to improve the life situation of children from disadvantaged social strata. see